E3 2015 – Street Fighter V Beta Dated

The trailer shown during the Sony conference also confirmed what we had heard earlier with the addition of Cammy and Birdie as playable fighters in the game.

As with every character in Street Fighter 5, each of them have a special V-Skill, and V-Trigger – two mechanics new to this Street Fighter.

Street Fighter V is set to release in the spring of 2016 on both Playstation 4 and PC.

Same as the game, the beta will be exclusive to PS4 as well.

Birdie is able to eat a banana and throw the peel on the floor, which the enemy player will slip on if approached.

We’ll have in-depth hands on with Birdie and Cammy a tiny later this evening as well. His Critical Art, Skip to My Chain, is very humiliating with hapless foes turned into a jump rope. Her Axel Spin Knuckle, originally a motion command, has become a V-Skill counter attack, activated by pressing MP+MK simultaneously. When in this state her Spiral Arrow will push through to the other side of her enemy, even if blocked, taking big chunks of the guard meter at the same time.


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