What app makers think of the future of the iPhone

Technology is a battlefield while Google and Apple Fight for monopoly.

It’s possible that this larger size could be the keyboard that will be used on the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Yet it didn’t work previous year, and Apple didn’t use its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote this week to unveil one, either.

Soon we’ll be forced to choose between all-Google or all-Apple. You might automatically get music on a run, but an audiobook in your vehicle. I look forward to seeing how well Siri and Google Now perform with the upcoming smarts.

Apps are getting more efficient.

Developers are able to get access to the new developer tools today to start building the Apps.

The final blow to the Apple Watch credibility was the when New York Times fashion writer, Vanessa Friedman admitted to giving up on her Apple Watch as well. There is still a lot of time before the OS is finally released to the public, which might again prompt some changes in the available features as well as introduction of others not mentioned at the WWDC.

Apps or metadata that mentions the name of any other mobile platform will be rejected.

It’s incredibly useful just for the simplest of things – like continuing an iMessage conversation while you’re browsing the web – but it really shines when you need to get stuff done.

Apple will bring its contactless payment system to the United Kingdom from next month, allowing users to simply place their iPhone near a sales point to make a purchase. There are 53 analysts following the firm, and 20 of them tell their clients to Buy the stock.

The second is they way users are becoming increasingly reliant on virtual assistant apps.

Apple talked about two-factor authentication to beef up iCloud security, but did not mention that there would be a six-digit passcode option in iOS 9.

Not to be outdone, Google iOS unveiled Now on Tap. Did you test iOS 9 BETA 1 on your iPhone yet? Therefore, iPad, media player iPod, and even some Apple Watch and Mac users have joined some iPhone owners in clamoring for a fix.

As you might expect it’s the newer devices that are ready for action first.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently dissed advertiser-supported businesses (a not-so-subtle reference to, mainly, Google). And while we’re adding this video of the event to our archives, you could also check out a new Telegraph report that takes a first look at OS X El Capitan here. The device turns itself off repeatedly while using.

Some of this is happening by accident, but some of it is happening by design.

We can not be certain yet as both systems have yet to go on the market.

Even though there have been claims that the Apple Watch is not what it was expected to be, the company has announced some escalation in Apple Watch sales.


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