The Division Gameplay E3 Gameplay, releasing March 8 2016

In the Dark Zone you can collect precious loot from downed rebels, which you might want to hold on to. Thoughts on the gameplay? However, Xbox One players will be able to get a sneak peak of the game earlier than other format owners, as Ubisoft announced that an exclusive Xbox One beta will be hitting consoles this December. Following on from the trailer that was released during the Microsoft conference, the second video treated United States to over five minutes of gameplay!

It’s just a game of focus, you lose it and you’re gone. This proves to be short lived, however, and it seems the scope for betrayal and self-serving motives is incredibly large in the cut-throat world of The Division‘s New York City. Players need to keep their guard up on this map, though, because other player-controlled teams can drop in at any moment looking for the same high-level loot. That could lead to some griefing by less-than-friendly players, to be sure, but it’ll also add an extra level of tension to a game that already promises to be pretty vicious. The date in question is set for March 8, 2016 on all platforms.


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