New emojis include a taco, burrito, and unicorn

Soon our list of cool and imaginative emoji will expand to food related icons such as taco’s big brother, the hot dog, the burrito and the cheese wedge. The taco has officially joined the ranks of other beloved emoji, like the middle finger, the Vulcan salute and that smiling pile of poo.

So while the taco emoji finally arrived, it wasn’t actually here.

A few of the most-requested emojis.

The sporty folk amongst United States will also be pleased, as a badminton racquet, ice hockey stick and puck, a table tennis paddle and volleyball are also among the new additions.

Check out the full list of Unicode 8 emoji here.

The modifiers, which support five different skin tones, are already available on Apple devices. For instance, the middle finger emoji was approved with the last batch of emoji in June 2014; however, it’s still unsupported by most major platforms.

Being included in the Unicode standard does not guarantee that the emoji will be adopted by Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and other mobile operating systems, which maintain their own emoji character sets, but it’s a good sign. Some of you (and me) may weep at that thought, but there’s no denying that the very small illustrations have infiltrated everyday electronic communication from tweets to texts and they’re not going anywhere. At the end of past year, even childhood science hero and renowned scientist Bill Nye explained the evolution of emoji.


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