Microsoft to end support for Windows Server 2003

Microsoft ended Windows XP support on April 8, 2014, but the company decided to offer anti-malware updates for its security apps running on this particular OS version for another year and a half, thus trying to keep users who were yet to upgrade protected until they complete the process.

As of 14 July 2015, the operating system will no longer be supported by the developers, meaning no more patches, security updates and bulletins. New business trends such as mobility, cloud computing, the internet of things, and big data analytics, have along with the arrival of more advanced technology, reshaped the business environment to a point beyond Windows Server 2003’s capabilities and technological limits.

Today is the day Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 finally bites the dust.

With its general availability, Windows Server instances are now covered by the Compute Engine SLA and Windows Server, which allows its users to easily deploy a server running Active Directory or ASP.NET using the Cloud Launcher. However, not upgrading might soon be more expensive than upgrading, as Microsoft said it planned to charge $600 (£385) per machine, per month to companies that miss the deadline and require support. Those still running Windows Server 2003 – and their customers – will be increasingly vulnerable to hackers.

Support for the upcoming Windows Server 2016 release and the stripped-down Nano Server is already in the works, too.

Google has made several Windows-specific improvements to the Compute Engine virtualization stack since their Windows Server on Compute Engine beta announcement, offering the full benefits of Google network to Windows Server users.

Web applications can be migrated to Microsoft Azure for the improved reach, scale and cost efficiency.

Modernising infrastructure by migrating workloads such as Exchange to Microsoft Office 365 will help staff experience the latest productivity innovations and also reduce your management burden.


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