Mashable: Inside the first Nintendo World Championship in 25 years

Hashimoto also addressed a commonly asked question: Is Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya, a vocal Star Fox fan, involved in development of Star Fox Zero?

It is the first home console Yoshi game since 1997.

Nintendo has been somewhat of an anomaly at E3 in recent years.

Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event included many of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, though maybe not in the way fans would have expected. 2015 feels like an in-transition year, all of a sudden. The game will come with two new amiibos-mini character figurines to celebrate Nintendo’s 30th anniversary of its iconic series. It sees players teaming up solve puzzle dungeons and defeat enemies. A singleplayer mode is also available. It was hard to get excited for anything, as most of it was just new footage on games they’ve been showing for years.

Metroid Prime: Federation Forge and Metroid Prime: Blast Ball (coming 2016). He also pointed out that the arches near the Fushimi shrine inspired him to include “going under arches” as an integral part of gameplay. When Sony announced a remake would be coming to the PlayStation 4, its fans – many of whom were children when it first appeared – roared with approval. Fire Emblem Fates for the 3DS and FE: Genei Ibun Roku for the Wii U.

Mario and Luigi are getting a completely new RPG game titled “Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam”. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash looks to continue the simple and silly tennis fun of its predecessors. Called Star Fox Zero, it’s being co-developed by PlatinumGames, the studio behind cult classics like Vanquish and Bayonetta.

While discussing the game, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto shared images of his paper level designs for the original Super Mario Bros. game.

This game looks like a mix of the gotta catch ‘em all nature of Pokémon with the battle style of Shin Megami, with some minigame aspects thrown in to complete more powerful attacks. Turbo Charged Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser will be the first figures that can be used in both Skylanders and Amiibo-supported games.

Apart from the title, the trailer didn’t reveal all that much about this JRPG. Why won’t it commit to a new release date? Fire Emblem will no doubt have something good to look forward to. Even the dialogue and text was Japanese, so not really sure what was happening with this one.

It’s coming! Only a few more months to wait for the sequel to the incredible Xenoblade Chronicles.

So what can we expect from Nintendo at E3? The game is set to release this Fall of 2015.

Yoshi’s Wooly World (2015).

Nintendo didn’t talk about the Zelda game for Wii U that it announced past year, but it is still on track for release in 2016.

Yo-kai Watch (2015).

This lovely add-on to the Animal Crossing franchise makes its way to the 3DS later this year. Nintendo hopes the English version can take off here as well.


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