Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Have More Work Done To Its Story

Since forever ago, Final Fantasy fans have longed for a remake of Final Fantasy VII.

“There’s more and more titles being introduced for the platform, and we’re hoping that announcing the remake of Final Fantasy 7, it’ll give a boost to people wanting to buy this current generation of console”, he explained.

Naturally, so did the Internet. The trailer simply states that the game is just “in development”, which Kotaku points out is just what they said back at E3 2013.

Sony held its PlayStation 4 pre-E3 game show and many predicted a lot of stuff to be unveiled, including perhaps some stronger movements in the Virtual Reality niche.

There’s no word on when we’ll once again adventure alongside Cloud, Tifa, and Red XIII – easily the best character – but some word that it’s coming might be good enough for fans eager to take a trip down memory lane. Final Fantasy VII is quite a large game, so maybe Square Enix might overlook certain portions of the game, or change the story up entirely? (I remember hearing an FFVII remake rumor with every new Sony system release). “That’s why we made a decision to announce the remake”.

Ask anyone in their 20s what their favorite Final Fantasy game is and 95% of the time the response will be Final Fantasy VII“.

Would you prefer to see Final Fantasy VII unchanged, in HD?

[Image via Square Enix].


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