Beijing Air Was Cleaner in the First Half of 2015 | the Beijinger

It can get rid of 30 to 70 percent of PM2.5 (airborne particles smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter) and PM10 in the air, depending on the severity of real-time air pollution.

It took seven months and more than 600,000 HKD (about $77,400) to develop the device, which serves not only as an air purifier, but also as a bus stop. The environment protection bureau of the nation has already confirmed the latest statistics on the air pollutants in the city to be true.

Authorities in Beijing have said that the city has seen more clear days in the first half of this year than in previous years.

Beijing reduced coal consumption by 2.8 million tons past year.

Sulfur dioxide dropped by 41 percent, nitrogen dioxide by 15 percent and PM 10 by 13 percent, according to the bureau.

Li Yunting from the city’s environmental monitoring center attributes the improvement to emission limits and clean production methods in Beijing and its surrounding areas.

Chinese officials have vowed to clean up Beijing’s notoriously foul air and have closed a few polluting factories in the region. It’s a direct result of the efforts to cut coal use in and around Beijing.

China’s air quality is notorious for being smoggy, as per Star Tribune.


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