Navy pays Microsoft $9 million a year for Windows XP

Meanwhile, a survey commissioned by enterprise networking company Spiceworks, titled Windows 10: Will It Soar?, found that 73 per cent of IT professionals planned to deploy Windows 10 over the next two years, which would represent a significant increase against the 60 per cent who actually deployed Windows 7 in the same period after its launch. On the release date, users can avail of the free upgrade, PCAdvisor reported. Or if you want the new build right away, you can use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool to go back to Windows Phone 8.1 and then upgrade to Build 10149.

However, the Archos PC Stick – a £63 HDMI dongle which transforms your HD television into a full-fledged Windows computer – will be one of the first devices to hit the market with a free version of Office.

These versions have been developed to cater for a wider audience – and one analyst says that developer interest is fundamental to Windows 10’s success.

The Spiceworks study described participants as mostly interested in the stability of Windows 10.

It’s unclear whether Microsoft’s ‘free upgrade’ service, which has a limited presence in enterprise licence contracts, may be behind this unusual corporate confidence in Microsoft’s new operating system.

NDTV Gadgets reports that the Windows 10 flash drive installer will only allow a one-time installation for PC. These options will be announced before or during the launch of the new OS.

Build 10149 is a lovely build for Windows Insiders, being that it includes a whole bunch of UX and performance improvements.

Spiceworks, a professional network made up of millions of active members in the IT industry, conducted a study that shows that almost 75% of businesses are planning to migrate to Windows 10 once it is released. Previously, Windows 10 preview users all believed they would be receiving a copy of Windows 10 when it reached its final upgrade; this is no longer the case, unless you had a previously valid, genuine license installed on your machine (Windows 7 and newer).

The official retail packaging of the OS has not yet been unveiled by Microsoft Corporation and the Canadian websites have not displayed any picture for the product.


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